Textile recycling: a new trend with multi-unit residential properties

Posted on January 21st, 2015

Did you know that the average Canadians will dispose of 14 kg of textile waste every year? When you consider how many people live in one high-rise apartment, townhouse complex, or condominium, multiplied by how many such buildings exist in any given city that adds up!

78 MillionAs a matter of fact, in many cities, residential textile waste makes up 12% of the municipal waste stream. In Canada, only 25% of textiles are recycled which is a shame given that 95% of textiles are actually reusable or recyclable.

This leaves the burden of waste management on property managers and municipalities. These costs are then passed on to area residents in the form of rent, condominium maintenance fees, and taxes for municipal waste management.

Used textile collection programs not only lift these cost burdens from property managers, cities and therefore residents, they turn what was once a waste product into a valuable resource that raises funds for charities that help communities and people at risk of falling through the cracks, like the Canadian Community Support Foundation.

Buildings that have garbage chutes have also reported a second benefit to these clothing collection and recycling bins being on their premises. Textiles are so bulky, often people will throw them down the chute and the bag will get stuck partway down.

When this happens and other residents start to throw garbage in the chute after it, there begins a pile up. Often the situation is not noticed until food begins to rot and residents will unfortunately bear the burden of the smell. This is a very expensive problem to solve, and a solution sometimes does not happen quickly as a special and expensive maintenance service has to be called to fix the situation.

By providing area residents with a convenient place to dispose of their textiles, incidents of chute blockages are reduced greatly if not eliminated. Canadian Community Support Foundation collection bins can be placed in any recycling area outdoors. We also offer a smaller bin design that is made specifically for indoor locations – the most popular place being the building’s laundry room or moving room.

Call us directly at 877-745-01423 to order a recycling bin for your building.

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Infographic - Why Recycle?

CCSF Infographic - Why Recycle