Mixing A and B, and still helping community

Posted on November 14th, 2014

shutterstock_151617725Recently we received a distress note from one of our regular contributors to our Canadian Community Support Foundation clothing recycling program. A gentleman had mistakenly put his family’s dry cleaning bag into the CCFS box, and took his donations to the dry cleaners.

He’d mixed up his Plan A with his Plan B.

As soon as he realized his mistake, he immediately contacted us via our Facebook  and luckily we were able to retrieve his dry cleaning and return it to him. End of story? No.

He wrote back later to thank us, and told us that his children are young and as young children do, they are growing fast and going through clothes quickly. For him, the opportunity to donate outgrown clothing is a much better choice than just throwing them away. He is right.

The Canadian Community Support Foundation’s primary source of funding is through clothing donation boxes. By donating unwanted clothing and other textiles, he has helped to support our community efforts; and he is keeping clothing and textiles out of landfills, where they will contribute to pollution.

We were able to help our donor because of the meticulous routine we use with our donation boxes. They are emptied each and every day. Nothing is left to sit around; so be very certain that what you put in the box is ready to be donated.

CCSF Clothing Donation Boxes are located in high traffic business areas across Ontario. If you would like to place a bin at your business, and contribute to helping the most vulnerable in our community, please contact us for more information. You can also find out more on our Facebook or call us directly at 613-216-2603

CCSF … good for people, good for our planet.

Donate Info

It’s really easy to get involved in our Clothing Donation Program, and it’s at no cost to you! All we need is your permission to place a clothing bin on your property. Our clothing collection partner ensures the bins are kept spotlessly clean and are collected regularly. They assume all costs and responsibility for bin maintenance and each bin is fully insured.

To order a bin, click here.

Thank you for your support!

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Infographic - Why Recycle?

CCSF Infographic - Why Recycle