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Posted on May 6th, 2013

imageBusinesses are evolving, and most business owners would now agree that if you expect a community to support your business, then you must support your community. Not only is it good business to be charitable, but it feels good and really lifts the morale of employees.

CCSF contracts its bin maintenance and collections to a company that specializes in textile recycling.  The recycler’s President has told me repeatedly how much this contract has boosted the morale of his staff, even though we aren’t necessarily his most profitable contract. The benefits he sees from our contract are at the staff, morale and productivity level.

As much as economic consciousness has evolved to embrace charity, our economy doesn’t make it easy. Many businesses are tightening their belts and find donating money or inventory a financial pressure they just can’t justify. Many people, including business owners, wish they could do more for local charity, but are just not financially in a position to do so.

The genius of green-tech has allowed us to turn waste into a resource. By recycling textile waste, CCSF is able to support the reduction of landfill use while generating a stable income source that supports all our charitable endeavours. With textile recycling, everybody wins.

We could not do this without the support of businesses and property managers that permit us to place a used clothing donation bin on their property. The bins are free, and we cover all the expenses of maintenance and collections. Our bins are meticulously maintained and collected daily.

The donations are sorted at a grading facility that employs 150 people. Things that cannot be donated locally, are sold overseas, providing affordable clothing to third world countries that don’t have a domestic supply infrastructure.

Textiles that are too damaged to be reused are shredded and recycled into upholstery stuffing and cleaning rags. Nothing goes to waste in textile recycling.

The proceeds of the sale of these textiles gets redirected back to CCSF and distributed to charities locally.

It costs nothing for a businesses or property manager to allow us to place a bin on their property, but for us, that bin permission means everything! It allows us continued support of all the local charities we are here to help. If you manage a property or business, the most impactful way to support us is to allow us to place a bin at your location. Our bins are approximately 4 feet x 4 feet in size and clearly marked so that visitors will know it supports a wonderful local charity.  Please contact us today!


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It’s really easy to get involved in our Clothing Donation Program, and it’s at no cost to you! All we need is your permission to place a clothing bin on your property. Our clothing collection partner ensures the bins are kept spotlessly clean and are collected regularly. They assume all costs and responsibility for bin maintenance and each bin is fully insured.

To order a bin, click here.

Thank you for your support!

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Infographic - Why Recycle?

CCSF Infographic - Why Recycle