Are you cleaning out closets? We can help.

Posted on January 8th, 2015

Every day I see on my Facebook that people are taking January very seriously as a time to clean and tidy up, to throw away those clothing items that haven’t been worn in five years, to get rid of the old, and in with the new.

shutterstock_12337672Please don’t throw your old clothing and textiles away.


You are contributing to landfill and greenhouse gases, and those gently used old clothes may be loved and yes needed by someone else.

Reduce, got it. Reuse, got it too. Recycle? Absolutely, you can do it. Canadian Community Support Foundation helps to make it easy. There are bright green boxes around the city and across Eastern Ontario in handy locations ready accept your gift of recycled clothes and textiles, please take a few minutes to round up your stuff put them in a bag and drop them off.

What to put in the box? Basically clothing in any condition, all textiles, even bed sheets and draperies can donated. 45% of what you give is re-used and the rest is recycled into items like upholstery stuffing, carpet padding or industrial cloths.

Another compelling reason to recycle with the Canadian Community Support Foundation is that we help to provide safety net for those at risk of falling through the cracks. In addition to our own efforts to feed and clothe Canadians in need, we provide assistance to charities that exist within our communities. Our primary source of funding is through clothing donation boxes. By donating your unwanted clothing and other textiles, you are helping support our community efforts. Our bins are fully liability insured and are meticulously maintained.

So let’s recap, you are helping your environment, you are helping people and you are helping your community. Three really great ways to tidy up and kick start 2015 strong.

To find out more about the Canadian Community Support Foundation and the work we do, you can visit our Facebook, follow us on Twitter or call us directly at 613-216-2603 to get more information.

Canadian Community Support Foundation, good for people, good for the planet.

Donate Info

It’s really easy to get involved in our Clothing Donation Program, and it’s at no cost to you! All we need is your permission to place a clothing bin on your property. Our clothing collection partner ensures the bins are kept spotlessly clean and are collected regularly. They assume all costs and responsibility for bin maintenance and each bin is fully insured.

To order a bin, click here.

Thank you for your support!

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Infographic - Why Recycle?

CCSF Infographic - Why Recycle