Why a Clothing Drive?

There are many ways that schools and non-profit organizations can raise funds, but most involve selling and cash handling along with involved planning and administration of the program. A CCSF Clothing Drive on the other hand doesn’t require administration, extensive planning or selling, and everyone can participate!

CCSF clothing drives are done without any cost to you, so regardless of your school or organization’s size, resources and budget, you can hold a clothing drive.

Clothing drives are easy to arrange and can be done without little planning, administration and without financial involvement for your school or organization.

You do not need to open bags and sort the clothes that are donated. CCSF accepts all sizes, styles and quality of clothing and you get paid for every bag collected.

When your school or organization holds a clothing drive, you are keeping clothing out of our landfills and supporting your community while earning money for your group. In addition, it’s a great opportunity to teach young people about recycling by showing how it directly benefits them!

Clothing drives are a win-win for everyone! Here are some of the benefits:

  • No cost to you

  • No planning or administration of the program

  • No selling products or cash handling

  • No opening of bags or sorting clothing

  • You get paid for every bag collected

  • Holding a clothing fundraiser is a great educational opportunity

CCSF has a great deal of experience supporting local organizations through the collection and redistribution of used clothing. We understand the challenges that schools and non-profit groups face and we work hard to generate the funds for them. We will work with you to handle the entire fundraising program from start to finish and are available to answer any questions that you may have.

What does your school or organization need funds for? A new playground, gym equipment or a special trip? CCSF clothing drives are the solution!

  • Donate Info

    It’s really easy to get involved in our Clothing Donation Program, and it’s at no cost to you! All we need is your permission to place a clothing bin on your property. Our clothing collection partner ensures the bins are kept spotlessly clean and are collected regularly. They assume all costs and responsibility for bin maintenance and each bin is fully insured.

    To order a bin, click here.

    Thank you for your support!

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    Infographic - Why Recycle?

    CCSF Infographic - Why Recycle